FitOn Movement & Yoga Flows | Exercise Challenge

FitOn Yoga Challenge

Hi y’all! 💜

I promised to create a platform with free self-care activities that we could all join in. I’m happy to share you can already sign up for one of the new challenges! 

If you’re not familiar with FitOn yet, it’s a free workout app for Android and iPhone. The videos on there are amazing, though they can also get a little intense! I’ve put together my favorite 50 (!) videos in a private challenge for us. Most are led by Vytas, who is just an incredibly kind, body-positive instructor. All workouts/yoga sessions/stretches are low intensity.

You can do FitOn on your own, or you can join our challenge! The great thing about the challenge is that we can connect with each other and share updates. Plus, the first one to check-off all 50 obviously gets bragging rights forever 🤭 

Remember to download the free FitOn app first, and open this link on a phone or tablet. If you’re having trouble, you can also search for @sammy_sandshoes to request a direct invite. Hope to see you there!!

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