Top PCOS Influencers on Social Media (Community Picks)

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I asked Reddit about their favorite PCOS influencers

Hi friends, this is Sammy 👋

A few weeks ago I surveyed the Reddit community about PCOS influencers that they recommend. This is an interesting topic to me, because there are so many PCOS-related socials out there! Let’s be fair, they’re not all winners.

I’m a huge fan of filling my feed – and possibly yours – with content that makes me feel supported and happy. For me that means nothing too restrictive, but not fully intuitive either. Most of all I am seeking nuance. (And realistic recipes!) When I asked which PCOS influencers you all liked, I was hoping for 1 or 2 accounts to pop-up and stand out for the crowd. I’m excited to share, however, that no less than 5 influencers tied for the top ranking!

A few survey-commenters also came through with a warning. They reminded me that following influencers could lead to unhealthy and disordered eating. Should we really be listening to these self-proclaimed nutritionists? Fair question.

So, to give you a nuanced view, here are the top PCOS influencers community picks and a case for skipping them completely. As always, take what you love and toss the rest. Curate your content the way that makes you happy. Let’s dive in!


Here are the top PCOS influencers on social media (community picks)!

Survey results: 10 top-rated PCOS influencers

It’s a five-way tie for 1st place, folks. The favorite PCOS influencers – as voted by the community – are The Conscious Nutritionist, Glucose Goddess, Cailee Eats, Zoeantonia and (Its)HealthyPCOS! ✨

Want to round out the PCOS influencer top 10? Then also check out these noteworthy mentions: @reish98 | @thewomensdietician | @what_mollymade | @gracie_norton | @the.hormone.dietician The community response wasn’t large enough to get significant ratings on these, but I wanted to share them nonetheless. They’re promising! You decide if you like their content.

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These results are based on of 34 community members who responded to the survey, supplemented by comments on previous posts asking the same thing. To make future iterations of this article representative and helpful to the community, I’d love for you to join in on the conversation through comments or on our PCOS Mag sub-Reddit

1. The Conscious Nutritionist

@theconsciousnutritionist is realistic with recipes and helpful with info about supplements and exercise schedules. She is also a Registered Dietician

Hannah Muehl (@theconsciousnutritionist) is a healthcare professional from Pennsylvania, who specializes in hormone health and PCOS. She is both a Registered Dietitian and a Physician Assistant, with a Master’s degree in Nutrition. In Hannah’s case, we can be fairly sure that her qualifications aren’t just an empty label. Hannah’s LinkedIn page shows that she studied nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh for at least 4 years!

True to the name, Hannah’s content focuses primarily on nutrition. The Conscious Nutritionist advocates a balanced, healthy lifestyle to manage PCOS symptoms. Her channel is chuck-full of recipes and practical tips. I love free advice that you can actually apply! If you want more than TikTok and Instagram content, Hannah also offers her own coaching programs. Head over to her website to learn more.

PCOS Mag - Best PCOS Influencers Recipes

2. Glucose Goddess

Glucosegoddess is my favorite!

Glucose Goddess on Instagram

Jessie Inchauspé (@glucosegoddess) is probably the most well-known influencer when it comes to tackling insulin resistance! Her method, The Glucose Revolution, is based on food hacks that prevent glucose spikes; thus improving a myriad of symptoms. Jessie is from France and has studied biochemistry. Her 2nd book ‘The Glucose Goddess Method‘ is launching in May 2023. Could be a good read! 

Recommending Jessie’s channel is a weird one for me. When I posted the PCOS influencer survey, Glucose Goddess was actually one of my own favorite picks! Since diving into her story, though, I’ve come across multiple critics questioning the scientific basis for her hacks. I may need to dig further into this. For now I’ll say, apply the hacks that work for you. Jessie got me onto Veggie Starters before breakfast, and that hack is perfect for me!

3. Cailee Eats

I feel like everyone should know Cailee. She’s helped me so much. Her vibe seems very real and non-salesy.

Okay, when I said that Glucose Goddess was one of my favorite PCOS influencer picks… that is after Cailee Eats! I’m genuinely excited to point anyone who doesn’t know Cailee Fischer yet her way. Cailee isn’t a nutritionist, nor does she claim to be. She is simply another woman with insulin resistant PCOS!

Cailee Eats has some great PCOS-friendly recipes on Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram. I’ve made several of them myself. Her recommendation are easy to make and don’t contain hard-to-get ingredients. Cailee also shares her grocery shopping habits and a bit of her personal life. She and her husband, Eddie, are currently going through a fertility journey and share openly about that.

PCOS Mag - Best PCOS Influencers Nutritionist

4. (Its)HealthyPCOS

I like @itshealthypcos on TikTok.

Drew Baird from Healthy PCOS, the only man on our ‘top PCOS influencers on social media’ list! This is perhaps one of the reasons he stands out, though the relatable content definitely helps. Drew has a no-nonsense approach to health and lifestyle, and likes to give practical tips. While it’s hard to find his official credentials (why is your LinkedIn profile empty, my man?), Drew has owned his own fitness business for over 10 years.

One of the reasons that Drew isn’t my personal favorite is his direct link to Healthy PCOS’s supplement business. This shouldn’t refrain you from still finding value in his shares though. And luckily, several people still voted for him. You can find Drew as @itshealthypcos on TikTok and @healthypcos_ on IG. 

5. Zoeantonia

Not solely a PCOS influencer but zoeantonia_ on tiktok is an incredible influencer imo, she has lean PCOS and is very transparent about her hirsutism. I feel like she deserves some recognition <3

Zoe Antonia (@zoeantonia_) wraps up this 5-way tie of favorite PCOS influencers. She’s is a 20-something model from the UK, who has gained immense popularity vlogging about fitness, hormones, and cycle health. Zoe seems to be speaking primarily from her own experience, which makes her relatable (even if some of us can’t quite compete with her slim body). 

When I look at Zoe’s channel, I see goals. Watching her tips and success can be inspiring, though sometimes daunting. Zoe is often seen in her fitness outfits (she’s openly affiliated with Oner Active), swimwear and lingerie. If the pics make you feel bad about your body, skip them. You can also catch Zoe’s insights on plenty of podcasts!

PCOS Mag - Best PCOS Influencers Workouts

6. None! Skip the PCOS influencers

None. I talk to my endocrinologist because she actually is medically accredited

Personally none because I feel a lot of them push what worked on them to the masses to make some $$$ when in reality everyone’s body is different where what worked for them has not worked for me. Trying to mold or make it something make sense has stressed me out so I don’t follow them at all. I’ll look to nutritionists to see what they rec to combat insulin resistance through food but that’s about it.

Social media has made it easier than ever to access health information and advice. However, the rise of PCOS influencers has also brought its own set of challenges. While many influencers aim to spread awareness about food and lifestyle, their recommendations can be harmful to your individual situation. It’s probably not a good idea to follow their advice blindly.

As user legallyfm points out, awareness is important, but it’s not enough. There needs to be more funding for scientific research. In the absence of conventional medicine, health influencers may overreach and promote unproven treatments, such as dairy or gluten-free diets, as the only solution. “To your point about spreading awareness, there is no denying that they have brought it into our general consciousness but there are still issues,” says legallyfm. “I think awareness is good, but it needs to reach the right people for there to be meaningful progress.”

This is not to say that all health influencers are dangerous or ill-informed. Many provide valuable information and inspiration for people looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Just remember to be critical and consult a professional before making major health changes.

This post is about the top PCOS influencers on social media (community picks)!

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