How to Make a Dairy-Free Lasagna that’s PCOS-Friendly

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Sharing my favorite dairy-free lasagna that’s PCOS-friendly

Hi, I’m Anna 🤗,

Welcome to my PCOS Mag recipe! This recipe is my favorite PCOS-friendly lasagna, not containing gluten or dairy. It takes around 1 hour to make, but is very tasty. You’ll get multiple portions to share with your family or store in the freezer. Easily adjust this recipe to include your leftover veggies or other preferred ingredients.

I hope you enjoy it!

Anna O

Try this PCOS-friendly lasagna that’s both gluten- and dairy-free

Okay, so who doesn’t like lasagna? It’s one of the ultimate comfort foods: warm, filling, layered, and cheesy — which can be tricky for those of us with PCOS or lactose intolerance. But don’t fear! There is a way to enjoy this gift-of-a-meal without hurting your stomach or health. And I promise, especially to the people wary of “dairy-free”— it’s still really good.

PCOS Dairy-Free Lasagna

The recipe is mostly self-explanatory, but as with all my recipes, there is a solid amount of customization that can be done. For example, you can swap out spinach for any green you prefer – I’ve seen this done with kale and collard greens, too. Spice-wise, turmeric can be (and, in my life, is) always added to almost any recipe in small doses. It’s super great at reducing inflammation and doesn’t usually affect the taste of a meal- especially something as rich as lasagna. I’d add a teaspoon to your mix-ins here for an extra inflammation-buster.

Yummy vegan ricotta: store-bought or homemade?

Let’s talk vegan ricotta. Store-bought is absolutely fine – most I’ve tried have been delicious, and honestly can be a lot cheaper and easier than making your own. However, I included the recipe for home-made vegan ricotta because there’s just something so special about tailoring it to your own specific taste. Plus, doesn’t it just feel so impressive to say you made your own ricotta? SO, if you’re planning to make your own, feel free to play around! My ingredients are purposely vague; do what tastes good to you. I personally love a garlic-heavy ricotta, but maybe you don’t, and that’s A-OK. Make sure you keep that recipe, though, if you do decide to embark on your own vegan ricotta journey, because there is a TON you can do with it! Aaaand with that being said, stay tuned for more recipes including vegan ricotta to come!

Happy eating!

This post shares Anna O’s favorite, dairy-free lasagna recipe

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Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a NYC based creative working in special education. PCOS is sadly underrepresented and under researched and what we feed our bodies plays a pretty big role in our general health, so it’s important to share whatever we know with each other!

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